Our Bank Products pages currently offer drive-up envelopes, statement envelopes, regular and window envelopes, ATM card holders, CHARM booklets, HUD booklets, FDIC signage, passbooks, savings wallets, coin savers, children’s passbooks, and various safe deposit box items such as key wallets, lease agreement, admission record cards, vault key-hole signals, locking key envelopes, etc.  Other areas under construction include image processing, proof, teller, ATM, bookkeeping, loan department, and stationery items.

American Solutions for Business is major supplier of ENVELOPES to the financial industry. We specialize in statement, drive-in and bank-by-mail envelopes. We furnish all standard sizes as well as ATM, debit card, and loan application packet envelopes. We offer drive up envelopes: open end, open side and coin; statement envelopes: #10 and #10 1/2, standard and special window, latex and gum seal, diagonal and side seam, standard and FDIC inside tint; imaging statement envelopes: 6 x 9" and 6 x 9 1/2", latex and gum seal; regular and business reply envelopes: #6 3/4 through #14, standard and custom windows, with or without inside tint, corner card and business reply or full face copy, white and colored wove; bank by mail and speedy mailer, ATM and night deposit, Mosler and brown kraft, tyvek and paper, booklets and catalog, right hand and double window, blank and printed. Please contact us for a quote.

American Solutions for Business is a provider of MICR ENCODED FORMS AND IMAGE PROCESSING SUPPLIES to the financial industry. We offer all MICR encoded forms including teller cash tickets (single and duplicate), general ledger debits / credits, misc. debits / credits, deposit / withdrawal tickets, return item notice, advice of credit and other forms, envelopes: 6 x 9" to 9 x 12" for laser cut sheet statements and notices, ring binders and indexes, compatible imaging MICR forms and other forms for various software applications, and document carriers. Please contact us for a quote.

American Solutions for Business is a major provider of TELLER SUPPLIES to the financial industry. We offer ATM Paper both blank or custom printed, balance of account slips, bank deposit bags: (tamper proof) bags for coin and currency (Federal Reserve), drawstring, zipper and mini zipper, and night deposit bags, brochures and flyers: Privacy Disclosure flyer, Maintaining Your Checking Account, Patriot Act Disclosure flyer and poster, Safe Internet Banking Tips, Deposit Insurance Coverage, ATM and Night Depository Safety, and Proof of Identification Brochure, cashier checks, cash memo forms, cash tickets: single and duplicate, certificate of deposit folders (poly, vinyl and paper), certificate of deposit, change of address forms, checking deposit slips (single and duplicate), coin storage boxes (chipboard and aluminum), coin wrappers / currency bands, collection books (incoming and outgoing), checking account passbooks, correction of deposit forms, clean ups (Derma-Kwik and Sortkwik), counterfeit money detector pens, currency envelopes, daily teller balance sheet, debit card register / holder, direct deposit sign-up form, duplicate deposit books, glad to help forms, enviro coin bag seals and plastic EZ crimp seals, Member FDIC and NCUA Signage, MICR encoded forms: savings deposit / withdrawal, general ledger debit / credits, official checks, etc., nameplates: desk, counter and wall, night deposit agreements, night depository register books, paper coin bags, passbook jackets (vinyl and poly), personal money orders, request for official check forms, savings deposit / withdrawal tickets, savings passbooks, savings account covers/registers (vinyl and paper), official checks, security cash box, silver bag ID tags, statement savings covers (vinyl and paper), suspicious activity report forms, tamper proof deposit bags (currency and coin), telephone transfer form, teller cash book (3 Year), teller counter pens, teller's envelope, teller machine paper and ribbons, teller pad racks, teller receipts (stock design and custom), teller's balance sheet, transaction registers (checking and savings), transfer of funds form, U.S. bonds redemption record form, wire / funds transfer record, wire transfer notices, new account thank you greeting cards and "services" folders and inserts. Please contact us for a quote.

American Solutions for Business is a provider of BOOKKEEPING SUPPLIES to the financial industry. We offer laser cut sheets or continuous statements, notices, 6 x 9, 6 x 9-1/2 or 9 x 12 envelopes, advice of charge forms, batch header slips, change of address forms, check file guides, debit and credit tickets, expense checks, file folders, indexes (all styles), Schwab insulated files and safes, policy jackets, return item books, return item notices, request for information forms, expense checks, interest checks, official checks, stop payment forms (2, 3 and 4 part), tax forms (W-2 and various 1099 Forms with matching envelopes), document carriers, correction labels, extended check bands, and toner cartridges (HP, Lexmark and compatible). Please contact us for a quote.

American Solutions for Business is a provider of PROOF, TELLER AND ATM SUPPLIES to the financial industry. We offer ATM and debit card envelopes in paper, Tyvek and poly, paper: single and multiple ply, fanfold, and roll for IBM, NCR, Diebold, Unisys, Sharp, Maverick, Fujitsu, Lundy, Epson, Verifone, Admaster, EZ Teller and other brands, as well as custom printed ATM rolls. We offer MICR encoding, nylon, film printer ribbons and ink rollers, correction labels, document carriers for return items, extended check bands and ATM head cleaning cards. We are a distributor of NCR brand supplies. Please contact us for a quote.

American Solutions for Business is a provider of LOAN DEPARTMENT SUPPLIES to the financial industry. We offer booklets: Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Completing the URLA, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Lead Paint in Your Home, HUD Settlement Costs, CHARM (Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages), consumer loan files, custom mortgage loan file folders, collateral receipt, custom index tabs for file folders, estate / trust files, extension agreements, Fannie Mae forms, farm financial statement, financial calendars, Good Faith estimate forms, credit applications, Uniform Residential Loan Applications, loan comment sheet, loan and discount credit slip, loan and discount register, presentation folders, loan file folders: custom, classification, manila, mortgage, IRA pocket, etc., loan calculator paper and ribbons, note jackets (paper and vinyl), personal financial statements, request for verification of employment - Fannie Mae, notice of right to cancel original and refinancing, request for supporting papers, request for information forms, Uniform Comm. Code Forms (Nat'l). Please contact us for a quote.

American Solutions for Business is a provider of BUSINESS FORMS AND STATIONERY ITEMS to the financial industry. We offer Office Supplies: letterhead, envelopes, thermographic and litho quality, white, colored or fine wove paper, business cards, and labels; Forms: continuous and laser cut sheets, single and multipart forms, NCR and carbon multipart forms; Greeting cards: Christmas, holiday, birthday, sympathy, congratulations; Other: currency envelopes, semi-official notehead, banners, signage, and lobby displays. Please contact us for a quote.

American Solutions for Business is a provider of SAFE DEPOSIT BOX SUPPLIES to the financial industry. We offer admission cards, locking key envelopes, keytainers (key holders), lease agreements, rental notice receipt and record, safe deposit box inventory card, nylon vault key hole signals, valuable papers and important papers envelopes and folders. Please contact us for a quote.

American Solutions for Business is a provider of SPECIAL EVENT, SEASONAL AND HOLIDAY ITEMS to the financial industry. For Easter we offer mints, lollipops, coloring and activity books just to name a few.

For Patriotic holidays we offer flags, flag lapel pins, key tags, bumper stickers, stickers, and drive-in envelopes plus more.

For Christmas time we offer mints, lollipops, balloons, gift stickers, teller receipts, drive-in envelopes, Christmas currency envelopes, Christmas Club: coupon books, checks, passbooks, coloring and activity books, employee gifts, executive gifts, ornaments, candles, shopping bags, holiday CDs, cookbooks, ice scrapers, travel mugs, pocket calendars, tote bags and other premiums.

If you have an up coming Anniversary we offer anniversary labels, banners, blankets, calculators, caps, coffee mugs, commemorative coins, key tags, lapel pins, napkins, pens, plastic travel mugs, pocket coolies, polo dress shirts, rain gauges, stadium cups, Styrofoam 8 oz. coffee cups, tote bags, T-shirts, tape measurers and more!

For Kid's Clubs we offer Birthday cards, backpacks, balloons, calculators, CD (music) holders, coin savers, coloring and activity books, Frisbees, glo sticks, pens, mini zipper bags, neon rulers, pencils, piggy banks, presidential rulers, savings passbooks, stickers, toys, yo-yo's and more!

For Senior Clubs we offer address books, beach towels, brushes, coffee mugs, travel mugs, squeeze coin purse, coolers, disposable cameras, duffle bags, first aid kits, badge holders, luggage tags, manicure sets, mini flashlights, mirrors, night lights, pens, pill boxes, playing cards, sewing kits, shoe horns, birthday cards, get well cards, tote bags, umbrellas and more!

For Graduation we offer miniature diplomas, "Congratulation" cards/envelopes for diplomas, currency envelopes, photo covers and frames, ID badges, highlighters, key holders and key tags, mugs, cooler cups, pens and more!

If you are participating in an upcoming Parade we offer beach balls, candy, chip clips, die cut handle bags, Frisbees, fly swatters, jar openers, kazoos, magnets, mini sports balls, mints, pencils, pens, pocket coolies, stadium cups, stress balls, yo-yo's, yard sticks and more!

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